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You Work Directly With The Person Writing Your Code.

Zero gatekeepers.      Direct communication.

How do you pronounce Chiedo?

Why Choose Chiedo Labs?

  • Clients have been featured on Shark Tank

    In 2014, we worked on the mobile app for The Amber, utilizing fingerprint recognition and bluetooth communications. The Amber team made their debut on Shark Tank later that year.

  • We Keep Working Until You Say The Work Is Done

    Nothing's worse than a job that's only mostly completed. If you have more requests, we'll get them taken care of. If you have requests after the project is done, no problem. We'll take care of your needs as soon as we can.

  • We Use WordPress, Ruby On Rails And ReactJS.

    We use WordPress for smaller websites and online stores. But when we develop completely custom web applications, we use tools like Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, PHP and ReactJS.

  • We're Not Just Coders. We're Business Professionals

    We've run into a lot of situations where a client's freelance developer became unresponsive. We're business professionals who value communication and respond to most requests within 12 hours or less.

We Support Entrepreneurs

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Some of Our Web Developers

  • ChiedoCEO, Founder
  • RicardoFront-end Specialist
  • EricBack-end/Mobile App Specialist
  • DonReact Ninja

Meet The Rest of The Team

Why choose Chiedo Labs?

We do the job right the first time, every time.

Chiedo Labs is dedicated to using the best web practices and highest coding standards to give you solutions that are efficient, maintainable, and just work.

We don't try to do it all. We focus on doing what we do best, writing code. As a result, we write code that is the best.

We have people skills.

Every member of our team is personable, relatable, and can explain complex technologies in a way anyone can understand.

It's one thing to be experts, it's another thing to be experts that can speak your language. We understand that not everyone understands the code and technologies we work with.

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Start-up Culture, Corporate-Grade Service.

We are programmers who love to have fun. We also take our work very seriously. We strive to create an atmosphere that fosters creativity and professionalism.

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