Chiedo Labs Web Development Harrisonburg VA & Charlottesville VA web design

Our Team


President/CEO & Founder
Chiedo loves church, family, friends, and working on all things entrepreneurship and tech. When he's not plugged in he loves building things with his hands, working on his land, and homesteading with his family. He graduated from James Madison University in 2013 with a Computer Science degree. But his experience working on computers started in third grade and he's been running business ventures since middle school. Not only is he a big dreamer, he is also a big dream initiator. If it sounds challenging and exciting, you’ve got his attention.

The Company

Chiedo Labs launched in 2012 as a progressive website development company by visionary entrepreneur Chiedo during his last semester at James Madison University. Our business developed quickly within the first few years, overall change and growth have brought on our positive vibe and the fun-loving company you see today.

Everything we do is centered around making sure we can innovate while being our best selves for our families and our communities. This company supports those priorities with a fun and flexible culture where trying new ideas is encouraged and building great custom software solutions is our promise.

We're passionate about new ideas, pushing the limits, and exploring beyond what we already know. We do that by working with forward thinkers to innovate and build software (web/desktop/mobile) that solves real problems within organizations and out in the world. We are always looking forward to what’s ahead, for our company, our clients, and our community.

We work with anyone who wants to think differently and explore new ideas, but we specialize in helping startups and non-profits build their ideas on the web. We also help education and training organizations build online training platforms, custom online stores, and custom web applications to power their operations.

We want to provide you with the highest quality product possible, we take each project seriously. If you have seen us in flip-flops, know that it’s not the footwear that produces results, it’s the team. But if working outside in flip-flops is what gets high-quality results, then that is how we plan to do it.

Our Mission

To enable and inspire: the birth of new business ventures, the community, and entrepreneurs.