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YOUR IDEA Is Safe With Us

You have our word that we'll never share your idea with anyone. But if you want us to sign a contract (NDA), let us know.

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OUR PROCESS Cuts Down on Risk.

  • 1. We Brainstorm with you and think through your idea before you spend a dime.

  • 2. We Prove Your Idea By Building A Cheap Proof Of Concept (MVP).

  • 3. We Build Your Idea By Coding Up A Fully Functional Beta.

  • 4. We pick up speed, enjoy the ride, and see how far the rabbit hole goes.

THE REAL QUESTION. How Do You Say 'Chiedo'?

But Who are We? These Guys.

  • ChiedoCEO, Founder
  • RicardoFront-end / WordPress Specialist
  • EricBack-end Specialist
  • DonReact / WordPress Ninja

Meet The Rest of The Team

BUT SERIOUSLY Why Chiedo Labs?

We Love Entrepreneurship and Tech!

We're a startup who loves working with startups. We're not some big company that doesn't understand your world. We live in it.

Step one is always a minimum viable product (MVP). It sounds counterproductive but it means we help you spend the least amount of money to test your idea before fully investing in it.

Inspiring Entrepreneurs is Our Mission!

Our mission is to enable and inspire: the birth of new business ventures, the community, and entrepreneurs.

We don't just say that, we do it. Check out our entrepreneurship and tech YouTube Channel

Lastly, for those of you who care, we use Ruby on Rails or Node.js to power our web back-ends and React or React Native on the front-end.

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SERIOUSLY We Love Entrepreneurs!

    Check out the recent interviews we did with entrepreneurs and their stories.

Meet Robert Lee, Founder of Rescuing Leftover Cuisine

Meet Lisa Curtis, The Founder of KuliKuli Foods

Meet Sean Cannell, Founder of ThinkMedia

Meet Margaret Bloom, Creator of The Murray Belt

Meet David Greenwell, The Founder of Prodigy Discs


Years of combined experience


Satisfied customers


Lines of code


Grammys won (dreams never die!)

And we've worked with these companies.

PARTNER WITH US and let's grow together.

We love working with entrepreneurs, especially when Ruby on Rails or Node.js are involved. In Harrisonburg, Charlottesville, and around the world. We want to help you build your app idea and take it to market. Let's do it together. Let's start with a conversation.

Harrisonburg, VA: 50 W Market St    Charlottesville, VA: Studio IX 969 2nd St SE

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