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Charlottesville, VA Website Development

Charlottesville has been really good to us. When our CEO, Chiedo, started Chiedo Labs in 2012, Charlottesville was one of the first cities we did major business in. While we are based in Harrisonburg, we love spending time in Charlottesville and meeting with our clients face-to-face. So much that we got a space at Studio IX.

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Why choose us over the competition? Well for one, we are here to stay as opposed to your typical freelancer who could dissapear at any moment. We also realize that you are running a business and response time is important. We respond to most requests within the hour, especially those that are urgent. Lastly, all we do is write code and as a result, we make sure our coding skills are always relevant. We don't split our talents between design and other areas. Instead, we focus on what we do best and partner with other companies to deliver the end result so they can do what they do best.

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WordPress Web Development

We use WordPress for a lot of our clients especially those who want to be able to modify the website themselves without needing to contact us everytime they have a small change. WordPress is the most popular CMS right now and as a result, it has a large plugin library. When we build your website on WordPress, we're building you a site that can grow with your needs and be expanded by thousands of free plugins. If you need a promotional website for your business, WordPress is rarely a bad idea.

Custom Ruby on Rails Web Development

When our clients come to us with new ideas and custom needs, Ruby on Rails is one of our go-tos. Ruby on Rails is a mature web development framework that gives us the ultimate amount of flexbitity so that we can develop your idea without limitation. If you need a web application for your customers, your staff or have an idea to release to the public, Ruby on Rails is often a very good choice.

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But Wait... There's More!

We also specialize in NodeJS, ReactJS, MySQL, AWS, HTML, CSS, Javascript and more. We've got a lot of skills under our belts and it's because we are focused. We are a company that writes code for web and mobile platforms. That level of focus results in a level of expertise that is hard to get when a company 'does it all'.

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