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author Eric DuVon

Using Test doubles in RSpec

Rspec logo

Introduction I was first introduced to Rspec a few years ago when I went through a rails tutorial and I was enamored by it, especially TDD (test-driven development). Rspec is

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author Don Townsend

React + Redux SAVE ALL button tutorial

Redux logo

When in the course of developing React/Redux apps, one may verily find him/herself wracking their brain for how to update many separate components in one simple, simultaneous function call. This

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author Chiedo

Founder spotlight: Chiedo

One of the first things I learned about Chiedo was that he already had several business ventures under his belt before he graduated high school. Each experience has taught

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author Chiedo

Setting up an OpenVPN server on AWS

Open VPN logo

Over the past few years, I’ve been playing with the different VPN technologies from PPTP to L2TP/IPsec and now finally to OpenVPN. Like a noob, I initially thought PPTP and

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