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Apprenticeship Connections

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Apprenticeship Connections approached us with their concept of connecting craft experts with potential apprentices.  Their goal to be a means to a beginning began with needing a highly customized and easy-to-use website.   Their team had high expectations and were met with a beautiful and responsive website that they are now excited to show off.

New mentors made easy

With a customized backend adding a new mentor is easy and intuitive!

With each mentor having their own custom video, Google map and custom image slider, a custom backend was the only way to go. This approach allows the Apprenticeship Connection team to easily add a mentor and all these fancy features with ease.

Find what you were looking for!

A customized icon search function makes finding a match a breeze!

Apprentices can easily find a match by using the Apprenticeship Connection custom search. Beautiful icons lead you down a narrow path to the mentor with the perfect fit for you.

Show off  your teams’ skills

Custom JavaScript and PHP gave members of the Apprenticeship Connection team a space to strut their stuff!

The Team section for Apprenticeship Connections pulls data from the custom Team post type.  The custom JavaScript behind this section allows each team member show off their contribution to the company in a beautiful and seamless way.


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