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Champion Brewing Company’s mission is to create and share beers that move us in the same way our favorite records do. Our mission was to create a codebase that communicated this same consistent message.

Dynamic Interactive Elements

Clickability means Likability

We created a customized slider that displays the beer name, stats, and image all in a too-cool-for-school fashion.

Social Integration

Customized Facebook Feed

Our design partner Watermark Design designed a custom Facebook feed, and needed someone with the know-how to make it happen. We delivered this sleek, responsive feed that automatically pulls from Champion Brewing’s latest FB posts.

Pixel Perfection

Attention to Design Detail

We developed Champion’s site based off of the PhotoShop files we received. The result was down-to-the-pixel accuracy, and optimized functionality across all devices and all browsers.


Design by: Watermark Design.