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Partnering with one of our design partners, Christa Albano, we handcrafted a website for Charlottesville Symphony that offers stellar user experience and intuitive usability.


Consistent Theming.

Hand spun graphics by a professional designer. Consistent color schemes. Beautiful web fonts. Need we say more?

We prefer building custom WordPress sites whenever possible; this way, we can guarantee consistent branding across the entire site.


From complexity to simplicity

Christa and I brainstormed ways to fit an immense number of menu items in the header without bogging down the user with endless navigation options.

Her solution was to conditionally display sub-menus (and it required some CSS wrangling), but we ended up with an elegant nav bar that looked simple and stunning, and gave the user all the links they needed.

Action Blocks

Customized for Optimal User Engagement

We like to be on the cutting edge of design. Today’s web users are accustomed to sites with home pages that are visually-appealing and have easily navigable call-to-actions.

Christa delivered this beautiful design for call-to-action blocks on the Cville Symphony home page. We crafted the code using the MetaBoxes plugin.

The home page edit screen (on the WordPress backend) includes meta boxes that make it easy to add/remove/update home page action blocks.

The result was a home page that not only looks nice, but is totally editable by clients who don’t want to touch any code.


Simple Off-site Linking

Charlottesville Symphony is a non-profit organization, so rather than having us build a ticketing platform on their site, their ticketing is provided through the University of Virginia Arts Box Office.

We provided a very easy interface for the client to link a concert page to its respective off-site ticket page for users to purchase tickets.


We always enjoy working with Christa on projects, as she forces us to flex our development muscles and come up with creative solutions that make her clients’ sites shine.


Design by: Albano Design.