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GroMobi came to us requesting our web development services for their client, FantasyHub. FantasyHub beta is a prototype of a new and innovative fantasy football platform. This project was challenging due to the short deadline and long requirements list but we’re glad we worked on it. Fantasy Hub beta has a lot of potential and we hope to see the full platform developed in the near future.

Feedback Submission

Fun to use

With jQuery, ajax, PHP and MySQL, we created the feedback submission tool. With our tool, the users were easily able to report their feedback in an organized fashion and provide the Fantasy Hub team with the data they needed to analyze their user base.

Completely Custom Menu

Extremely Interactive

FantasyHub wanted a menu that would allow their users to add new clipboards to the home page. We created a menu that mimicked the design they put together by using some light jQuery and creative CSS.

Adding and Dropping Players

Roster Management Made Easy.

With traditional Fantasy Football websites, managing your roster is way more complicated than it needs to be. With FantasyHub’s design, we created their vision of how roster management should function.

The Small Things

Your Experience

Near the completion of the project, Fantasy Hub requested the ability for their users to change their backgrounds via the settings panel. It’s a small thing but adding that feature is exactly the type of feature that makes users feel at home.


Designed by: FantasyHub. Project Managed by GroMobi