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Harrisonburg Hornets

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The Harrisonburg Hornets are a youth basketball team located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley.

Template Build

Basic Customizations to a Stock Theme

Ashley Bellamy approached us to build a site for the Harrisonburg Hornets basketball team. They needed a basic informational website that looked attractive and gave the pertinent information to parents and registrants who needed it.

Registration and Log In

Password Protection and Site Security

Security was an important feature Ashley wanted for her site, as no parent wants their player information, game schedules, etc. to fall into the wrong hands.

We made sure certain pages required log-in to be seen and made this a one-click option for the WordPress admin to add on the backend to any page they liked.

Built-In Theme Features

Gallery, Slider, and more

The WordPress template theme that Ashley picked included some built-in features, such as an image slider, image gallery, sponsors box, and other items.

We helped her set up the initial settings on the WordPress backend, and gave her training to take the reins and update content on her site.

Tournaments Schedule

Custom Work = Lab Specialty

Ashley needed a page to display the latest tournament schedule in an intuitive and easy-to-update interface. We created exactly what she needed and styled the page to match the existing theme.

The result was a tournament page that is very easy to update and provides parents easy access to their child’s schedule. This page included password-protection, of course.