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MDCalc contacted us to give their WordPress-based web app a complete overhaul. MDCalc is a medical equation calculator website that allows medical professionals to perform complex calculations based on user input. They needed us to create a system that would make it easy to create new equations on the back-end while at the same time creating incredible equation calculators on the front-end.

Custom Equations Engine

Fun to use

Powered by jQuery, we wrote an equation engine that allows new equations to be created with basic HTML and simple jQuery functions. What we came up with was powerful yet easy to use.

Dynamic Search


MDCalc wanted search functionality for their site similar to Google. We made it happen with no latency by writing some clever JSON endpoints.

Responsive everything

Always a pleasure

This site looks and works awesome on your tablet, awesome on your desktop and awesome on your phone. Any device works.

Saved favorites

Bring customers back

We created a user account section to allow users to log in and save their favorite equations. It’s all about providing them with a reason to return.


Designed by: MDCalc