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My Health Coach VA

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My Health Coach VA was created to connect people with health coach Maria Hostetter.

After working for over 30 years as a nurse and 10 years as a Health Coach Maria wanted to branch out on her own and needed a website to direct her future clients to.

Bedford is one of Squarespace’s most popular templates and a favorite with our clients. The design of the site needed to be simple yet informative and Bedford fit that mold perfectly.

One feature we especially liked was the ability to add grid gallery blocks to the bottom of pages. This enabled us to display the logos of previous clients My Health Coach has worked with, as well as link each site to the logo through click-through URLs.

Styled Quotes.

Influencing Clients With Testimonials.

We felt that testimonials would build trust with potential clients and create a ‘human element’ to My Health Coach’s website.
Quote blocks are an easy to add addition to your website and Squarespace offers this feature with all of their templates as well as including several customizable options.

Pay Online.

Choose Which Package Best Suits Your Needs.

Because of the different packages offered by My Health Coach we needed a way for users to choose an option and easily pay for it on the spot.
We added in a “Pay Now” page for prospective clients that gives them the option to choose which package they want to purchase and pay online through the website.