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Newman Avenue

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Newman Avenue approached us about building them a new website.

Their current site was outdated and they wanted to really show off their beautiful office space as well as have a mobile friendly website.

Squarespace was the perfect platform to build Newman’s website on. Their many templates gave our client plenty of options to choose from and helped speed up the design process so our client had a new website in just a few weeks.

We chose the Bedford template in Squarespace for it’s wide range of features perfect for small businesses.
We also loved how the template showcased images, as Newman was going to have new pictures taken of their beautiful office space.

Information Organized Beautifully.

Optimum Content Arrangement.

In order for them to serve their clients best, Newman Avenue had to provide a large amount of information on their website’s pages.
From resource PDF’s to an FAQ page and lengthy bio’s for each counselor, we needed a way to artistically store all of this information inside of the website.
Using Squarespace we were able to create nested pages (also know as sub-menus), to reduce and organize multiple pages that we didn’t want cluttering up our navigation menu.

Great On Any Screen.

Optimized For Any Device.

Most Squarespace templates have additional built-in mobile styles that activate when your site detects it’s being viewed on a mobile device. Bedford’s mobile friendly template makes it easy for users to look up Newman’s website, view their location on a map, and even call them straight from their mobile device without compromising the usability of the site.