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Printocracy allows anyone with a 3D printer to add a quoting engine to their websites for 3D parts.

Versatile quoting engine

We built a versatile quoting engine with Ruby on Rails along with a client-side to manage the quoting engine in React JS. In the process, we developed an open source project to parse STL files and calculate their dimensions, volume and surface area.

Payment processing with Stripe

To accompany our custom quoting engine for the 3D parts, we needed to implement a way for the clients to process payments. We built Stripe into our quoting engine to make it as easy as possible to process payments.

3D file rendering in the browser

Being able to quote 3D files wasn’t enough. We also wanted the end-user to be able to interact with the 3D files they uploaded. Utilizing Three.js, we built an open-source reactJS component for previewing STL files in the browser.