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Simili is a web app that helps to make food-centric social experiences in the real world more delightful, so you can focus on the fun times together rather than on finding something you all can (or want to) eat. We built this app from the ground up and continue to develop new features and improve user experience.

Find the perfect place to eat.

Less time finding a restaurant means more time together.

Sometimes it’s hard to find a place to eat that pleases everyone. With Simili, each meal participant can enter their food preferences and Simili will calculate the best matches based on those preferences utilizing Yelp’s API.

Dining decisions made easy

Users can vote on their favorite restaurants

User’s can select Yay, Okay, or Nay to specify their vote for each restaurant choice. A dining decision is made once all users vote and a winner is selected. We developed an algorithm to make the best possible match based on user’s dining preferences and votes.