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Transcon Supply came to us needing a site reworking for their T-Lok product. They wanted a site that they could update and that would more accurately convey their product. We helped them pull together content, managed a designer for them and ended up with a much sleeker website.

Content Acquisition

The right stuff

Sometimes it’s hard to know what you need until you don’t have it. We assisted them with organizing all of the content they had and used what we needed to make their website what it is today.

Dynamic Slides

A Little Extra.

Something was missing. The home page was appealing but we decided to set up some jQuery sliders to allow them to display more information without taking up more space.

Rollover Icons

Make learning fun

Another jQuery based extra we added was the rollover feature. To keep the audience engaged, interactivity is key. The rollovers were just what we needed to keep audience members entertained while learning about their product.


Designed by: Maggie Josey

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