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Venture Builders have provided their clients with “professional construction and remodeling services as well as down-to-earth, friendly customer service” since 1988.
They approached us about a much-needed facelift for their website.

Partnering with design guru Matt Leech, we were able to craft with a website
that solidifies Venture Builders’ online presentation and enables them to stand out from their peers.


Modern Web Design

Pages That Feel Like a Magazine

Matt’s slick designs included magazine-like sections on the home page and services page. Using a customized version of Bootstrap, we were able to implement
a solution that looks great and adapts to all screen sizes.

Custom Photo Gallery

Built-From-Scratch Gallery with Lightbox

Venture wanted an easy-to-use and visually stunning gallery. Good pictures are great but can bog down a page’s loading time.

Our solution was to use AJAX to dynamically load 20 or so images at a time, giving the user great-looking photos while delivering superior page performance.

We’re pretty proud of this bad boy. View the gallery yourself to see it in action!

YouTube Testimonial Slider

Forward-Thinking User Engagement

Matt’s design included a YouTube testimonial slider. At first, I was skeptical that we would be able to pull this off and stay within budget. In a nutshell, Matt wanted Venture Builder’s YouTube videos to all load within a slider,
so that the user could quickly navigate from one video to the next. And all of this without leaving Venture’s site.

Utilizing and customizing the Smart Slider 3 plugin, we were able to get this working (and within budget, too!). The end result was a testimonials page that is unique
as it is engaging.


Design by: Matt + The Leeches.