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Venture Builders
Venture Builders
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Venture Builders have provided their clients with "professional construction and remodeling services as well as down-to-earth, friendly customer service" since 1988. They approached us about a much-needed face lift for their website.

Partnering with design guru Matt Leech, we were able to craft with a website that solidifies Venture Builders' online presentation, and enables them to stand out from their peers.


Screenshot of Venture Builder services page

Modern Web Design

Pages That Feel Like a Magazine

Matt's slick designs included magazine-like sections on the home page and services page. Using a customized version of Bootstrap, we were able to implement a solution that looks great and adapts to all screen sizes.

Custom Photo Gallery

Built-From-Scratch Gallery with Lightbox

Venture wanted an easy-to-use and visually stunning gallery. Good pictures are great, but can bog down a page's loading time.

Our solution was to use AJAX to dynamically load 20 or so images at a time, giving the user great-looking photos while delivering superior page performance.

We're pretty proud of this bad boy. View the gallery yourself to see it in action!

Screenshot from Venture Builders photo gallery
Screenshot from Venture Builders testimonials page

YouTube Testimonial Slider

Forward-Thinking User Engagement

Matt's design included a YouTube testimonial slider. At first I was skeptical that we would be able to pull this off and stay within budget. In a nutshell, Matt wanted Venture Builder's YouTube videos to all load within a slider, so that the user could quickly navigate from one video to the next. And all of this without leaving Venture's site.

Utilizing and customizing the Smart Slider 3 plugin, we were able to get this working (and within budget, too!). The end-result was a testimonials page that is unique as it is engaging.


Design by: Matt + The Leeches.

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