We started the conversation with me shocked by what appeared to be Chris Huskins in a Sauna.

He assured me, he in-fact was not in a sauna. His room just had one of those vibes…

I looked past the confusion though, because it takes a special kind of person to create a cartoon version of themselves. And an even more special kind of person to use that cartoon as a part of their brand.

I liked Chris immediately (For those who aren’t aware. I also have a cartoon version of myself that I use as a part of my brand).

Chris Cartoon No BG

He runs a company by the name of Abrupt Audio. In a nutshell, they’re all about podcasting. And teaching others how to do so.

Chris got his first taste of “podcasting” if we can call it that, on a karaoke machine at his parent’s house.

“A double cassette and a terrible little microphone”, said Chris.

He used that machine to record a radio show. and while it obviously wasn’t the ideal set up to do so, he made it work and fell in love with being a presenter.

Like myself, there were many opportunities to see if he was, in fact, a good singer. Sadly he reached the same conclusion that I did. Auto-tune was a must.

At University he did a course recording music to further develop his skills and found a radio station that he started using to make his radio show a bit more high-quality.

Later in life, he did the breakfast show on a local community radio station in South Hampton in the UK. He did this for two years, not getting paid a dime.

“I was the only person I knew getting up at 5 in the morning not getting paid to do so”, he said.

But he put in the time, built up his experience, and it paid off. Even though it took years, he eventually got a commercial radio gig as a presenter working for the same group that did Who Wants To Be a Millionaire.

He finally started making money but he eventually got tired. He started to get a little sick of all the politics and limitations that were weighing him down. And he felt that he was no longer getting to talk about matters of importance.

“It’s all about making money for them”, he stated.

Then one day he and his co-founder met over a Christmas breakfast they were covering and discovered they both had a love for podcasts.

So they thought, why not start something together?

And in an instant, Abrupt Audio was born.

Chris Huskins Presenting

It started as an idea but so far they’ve created The PodTips Facebook community (I joined immediately), a podcast of their own and they’re working on a book.

In another conversation when I asked Chris to put together a How to Get Started With Podcasting video, it becomes obvious why he’s been so successful.

He told me about WHY you should podcast. And the power of podcasting.

“The benefits I see are that… it creates this incredible bond with your audience… it’s normally very solitary,”  he said.

He doesn’t just love what he’s doing, he believes in what he’s doing. And I have a feeling that he and his partner are going places.

As a matter of fact, he told me they have something REALLY exciting in the works. But then proceeded to tell me it was a secret. Yep, he’s THAT GUY.

But regardless, Abrupt Audio will be a fun company to watch. I know I’ll be keeping an eye on their progress.

Follow them on Instagram or Twitter at @abruptaudio.