David Greenwell is one of the founding partners of Prodigy Disc Golf, selling everything you need for the sport, from baskets to apparel and much, much more!

It all started in the fall of 2012 when David received a call from his good friend Mike Sullivan. He originally thought that Mike was calling for an investment opportunity, but it turns out he actually wanted to talk disc golf.

After David signed a confidentiality agreement form, Mike gave him more insight into his business idea. He told David that some of their friends and Mike wanted to start a disc golf company and were interested in him joining them.

The decision was tough for David, he had been on another disc golf team for decades and they were like family to him. After much consideration, David decided to take the leap and join Prodigy Disc Golf. He told us that despite them being competitors he was still able to maintain friendships with the previous company.

David is no stranger to entrepreneurship, in the early years, he worked construction before buying a hair salon and owning it for 25 years. David said that owning the salon allowed him to stay on the road playing disc golf.

When asked what the hardest part was of starting a company, David told us that anybody can make a disc, but to make a good disc was really hard. He said it was a lot of trial and error but that they now have an amazing lineup of great discs for sale.

David is a team player, and even though a lot of companies out there are doing what he is, he wished them nothing but the best.

“We’re all in this for the same reason, and we’re all trying to make this sport big,” said David.

You can find Prodigy Discs on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.