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We Want Your Customers to see your website and...

FEEL incredible about your company and KNOW that you're all about serving them.

But... How do you pronounce 'Chiedo'?

We Want To Help You With

  • A New Website to start your new business or further the growth with your existing business.

  • Your existing website that's broken, needs maintenance, or needs a new team to take the reigns.

  • WordPress help in whatever form. We know WordPress like Pinocchio knows his favorite brand of tissues.

  • Your Crazy Ideas. They get us excited. We want to grow the Harrisonburg tech scene. So if you have an app idea. Let us know!

Some of Our Web Developers

  • ChiedoCEO, Founder
  • RicardoFront-end / WordPress Specialist
  • EricBack-end Specialist
  • DonReact / WordPress Ninja

Meet The Rest of The Team

BUT WHY Chiedo Labs?

Websites are what we do best!

We're a web design company that does websites. Not a marketing company that does web design. Web design and development is what we do best. We'll partner with marketing companies in Harrisonburg and surrounding areas for the other stuff. But let us, the pros, handle the website.

We're experts who you'll love working with!

We're serious about the best web development practices to make sure what we do for you is maintainable, and just works.

But we're also a blast to work with and know how to speak your language when we're not deep in the matrix. If we don't love working with each other, we've missed our goal.

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Satisfied customers


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Grammys won (dreams never die!)

PARTNER WITH US and let's grow together.

We love Harrisonburg! We love the community. We love the mountains. We love it here. We want to inspire and enable as much local business growth as possible. Let's do it together. Let's start with your website.

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