Today we ran into the software version mismatch issue between a couple of our developers working on the same project. One developer was using Ubuntu and had PHP 7.2. Another was using MAMP and was using PHP 7.0.

Most of the developers on our team use Macs and MAMP for their LAMP stacks. Yet upgrading PHP on MAMP wasn’t possible without an upgrade.

TL;DR upgrade to MAMP Pro.

Here we go.

1. Upgrade to MAMP PRO

Shut down your MAMP servers and close your program then visit the MAMP website and download MAMP Pro.

Download MAMP pro

It will walk you through the upgrade process.

You can test MAMP pro under the free trial before committing. So no need to wait for your billing department to get you a serial number, etc. before proceeding.

2. Get Used to The Complexity

MAMP Pro is a million times more complex than the free version. Play around with the new UI and get familiar with it.



3. Update your PHP version

Navigate to the PHP tab in the left hand menu and select the PHP version you want. You can install new versions if needed.

MAMP PHP Screenshot

4. Allow Network Access for MySQL

To ensure you can connect to MySQL with your username, password, etc. as you can with the free version of MAMP, you’ll need to allow network access.

Navigate to the MySQL tab and click on Allow Network Access as well as only for this iMac

MAMP Mysql Screenshot

5. Update your default Host directory

Click on the Hosts tab and update your Document root so MAMP knows where to find your root web directory.

MAMP Hosts Screenshot

6. Update your PHP Path and MySQL path in your Terminal

Read this blog post to ensure your terminal is using MAMP’s version of PHP and MySQL rather than the system default.


Boom shakalaka. That’s it. Enjoy.

.   .   .

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