If you do a lot of scheduling and haven’t heard about Calendly, you’re doing it wrong.

And yes, the name is awful. Calendly? My wife repeatedly makes fun of it. Replace the “er” sound in most words and it sounds pretty ridiculous. But putting the name aside, I absolutely love it.

But what is Calendly? Well, it’s an automated calendar scheduler and it’s changed the game for me. I had many instances where I would put events on my calendar and get something wrong, like a date or time. Calendly takes care of that by having other people choose the date and time for when they want to meet with me.

This also saves me from those annoying back and forth emails we all write when trying to coordinate meetings. That stuff eats away at your productivity and makes it hard to schedule with others while you wait for a reply.

I also used to overbook myself and try to squeeze too many people or things into one day. During the work week, I would end up with 20-30 scheduled meetings on my calendar. It got crazy! So here comes Calendly to the rescue!!!

With Calendly, you set up an account and you get a link, then you set up your rules. So when someone wants to meet with you, they get your link and then schedule a date and time. Then, everything will appear in your calendar with no back and forth communication. It’s so efficient!

There’s one danger though…at times, you can end up in a Calendly battle. That’s what happens when someone wants you to use their Calendly link but you want them to use yours. There’s no way to avoid that, one of you has to fold.

Personally, I don’t care. I’ll use someone else’s link to get on their calendar if they have a Calendly account. But if they don’t they can use mine.

Ultimately, I just want to avoid the back and forth as to when and where we meet.

And I use this for everyone. If someone who isn’t family wants to meet or catch up between the hours of 9-5 on a weekday, they’re getting a Calendly link. Even if it’s just for lunch.

I also eliminate a BUNCH of decision-making, which I don’t have the extra bandwidth for. I have to make too many decisions as it is, so I have default locations for lunch, coffee shops, etc.

So to help you get a feel for how you could use it, here are a few different Calendly pages I have. The public ones, (I also have private pages but only give those out to specific people.)

Morning Coffee
Afternoon Coffee
Meeting at the Office
Phone Call

And those four alone save me SO MUCH time in regards to distraction. The best part is that you can get your first Calendly page for free. If you want more, you pay $10/mo., and I can say from experience, it’s SO worth it!

I feel like I’m doing a Calendly advertisement right now…which I guess I am. But that’s only because I use it and it’s absolutely awesome!

I hope this tool and productivity tip helped you in some way. Until next time!


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