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Rendering Server-side JS on a PHP Server with V8JS

Currently, I’m on a journey to see if I can render some React components server-side on a PHP server. First step, we need to get the V8 engine running within PHP. I got this working on my Mac with MAMP, PHP 7.0.10, and V8JS. With that being said, I suspect this would be easy to reason about to […]

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PHP doesn’t have to be ‘dirty’. PHP Coding Standards Using PSR.

Even with all the AWESOME, BEAUTIFUL, FUNCTIONAL and  LIGHTWEIGHT frameworks out there, PHP is still king (as far as use case goes).  PHP is used by** 81.9%** of all the websites whose server-side programming language according to w3 Techs. PHP is easy to get up and running; and simply start coding.  After learning HTML and […]

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