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I have been using Squarespace for almost a year now to build websites for Chiedo Labs and can honestly say I have not been disappointed yet! From it’s superb functionality to gorgeous templates, I believe Squarespace has the ability to take your business or blog to the next level. I’ve listed my top 5 reasons why I love and use Squarespace and why you should too!

1. Squarespace is easy to use

This is number one because it is such a big deal for me. Not being the most tech savvy person alive left me with needing a very basic program to build websites. Enter Squarespace…they provide a simple, yet effective interface that makes even the most computer illiterate person breathe a sigh of relief! Their clear, clean cut layout is extremely easy to use as well as navigate. For those of you who are advanced web developers Squarespace also allows you to inject code into your pages, just be careful! Squarespace has a disclaimer saying that they offer very little support on code injections, so don’t try it unless you know what you’re doing!
Even though Squarespace is very easy to use they do not sacrifice simplicity with class, which brings me to my next point…

2. Squarespace is beautiful

There is a big difference between clicking on a beautifully crafted webpage with large banners and clear text and clicking on a link that takes you to a seedy looking webpage where you can almost feel the internet trolls climbing into your server and infecting it. Squarespace is well aware of that difference and you can be sure that every one of their templates have been well thought out and designed to be gorgeous for your viewers and easy to navigate.
Squarespace’s hundreds of features allow you to customize any one of their templates for your business and ensures people don’t flee from your site like the plague!

3. Squarespace is cheap!

If you are wanting to have an online presence whether for business or personal use you don’t necessarily need to spend thousands of dollars on a functional website. Squarespace offers mobile friendly, functional websites without the hefty price tag. Squarespace gives you a 14 day free trial and after that an Annual plan on starts you out at just $12.00/mo. ($16/mo Monthly Plan) Business sites start at $18.00/mo for the Annual Plan. ($26/mo Monthly Plan) 
Of course you will need a domain for your website to be live and Squarespace takes care of that by offering thousands of available domain names you can register for. If you do have an existing domain with another company Squarespace makes it easy to connect it to your new site.

4. Squarespace has lots of options

As of right now Squarespace has 67 templates and counting. 
Everything from Artesia with it’s stunning layout showcasing your Hotel or B&B to wedding websites like Anya and Naomi that are beautiful and so easy to use even your in-laws can navigate them! Each template is really just a starting point, from there you can customize it and add all of the features you could want. So whether you are a budding photographer or an established restaurant, Squarespace has an option for you!

5. Great customer service

This is rare with larger companies but I’ve used Squarespace’s live chat several times (due to my own ignorance I assure you) and each time my question was fully and clearly answered. 
No more frantically searching the internet or YouTube trying to find someone else who has had the same issues as you and (hopefully) figured out a way to resolve them! Squarespace has ready to help staff who are knowledgable and friendly to provide you with a solution or recommend an alternative to get you back on track. If you need additional help Squarespace also has video workshops where you can watch countless tutorials on everything from Billing to SEO and Analytics.

Well guys hopefully this helps you determine whether or not Squarespace is right for you or your business.
Thank you for reading!