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WordPress Website Development

WordPress has become more and more popular over the years and today the majority of the websites on the internet run on WordPress. WordPress makes it easy for website developers to build their websites in a way that allows you to maintain it, modify and expand upon it.

We've built WordPress websites for city governments, vineyards, basketball teams, restaurants, breweries and more. WordPress is an extremely flexible platform. Occasionally we run into a situation where WordPress isn't the best tool for the job, but the majority of the time, WordPress is our recommended approach.

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Extensive Plugin Library

One of the best parts of WordPress is the extensive plugin library it offers. With over 48,000 plugins, it's easy to add enticing features to your website at a fraction of the cost. You can add automated backups, calendars, scheduling, shopping carts and a whole assortment of features.

User management & Controls

The WordPress platform includes user management and admin controls out of the box. This makes it easy for you to add extra functionality to your website that requires user management such as shopping carts, blogs, forums and more. The best part is that WordPress makes it easy.

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The Control Is in Your Hands

We run into potential clients all of the time who are frustrated that they don't have the tools to update their website. With WordPress websites, editing your website's content isn't something you need to contact your website developer for. With WordPress websites, you can edit the content yourself.

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