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Custom websites

We build custom websites from scratch. Unlike most agencies, write our code from the ground up as opposed to using off-the-shelf options. This ensures a higher level of quality and speed. To make it easy for you to manage, we connect WordPress to the back-end so you can make changes yourself and take advantage of the plugin library.

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Large custom web projects

We work with all types of organizations to build custom projects on the web using technologies such as Ruby on Rails, React, PHP and more. But we specialize in helping education and training organizations build online courses, stores, and custom web applications to drive their organizations forward. We also love doing work with startups and non-profits as the passion and energy they bring to the table is hard to beat!

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"They’ve been able to complete more project work for us in a few months than other companies have in a year or more - Maryglenn Blanks, Moseley Real Estate Schools

Short-term web development

Organizations often hire our team to help them through challenging transitions. Sometimes we're hired to temporarily maintain custom web applications when organizations lose freelancers or employees. And other times we're hired as the experts organizations call when their employee or off-shore development team needs a hand. If you have a large web application built in Ruby on Rails, PHP, or NodeJS, get it touch to see how we can serve you.

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CSS and front-end

Over the past few years we've been perfecting our skills with CSS. We work with back-end developers and agencies to write the front-ends and CSS for their back-end software and APIs. Let's partner. We'll handle the CSS. The part of your projects that back-end developers hate. So you can focus on what you do best. We can handle the CSS development or use React to build the entire front-end user interface.

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Our Preferred Technologies

WordPress Ruby on Rails React NodeJS PHP MySQL AWS Heroku

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We love trying new things and creating work that makes a difference. If you're a forward-thinker, excited about the possibilities, we want to work with you! Reach out to us for a quote.

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