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Startups and Non-profits

Let's innovate together and do work that matters! We love working with startups and non-profits because they share our DNA and excitement about what the future holds and the role we can play in it. If you need to build something custom on the web to help drive your vision forward, get in touch. Let's talk. We want to help you reach your goals without the technical debt!

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Education and Training organizations

We love working with organizations invested in educating and training others. Private schools, education material companies, and online training schools work with us to build better online training platforms, to build and improve their online stores, and to build custom web applications to power and automate behind the scenes operations. If your work involves helping students become their best selves, get in touch.

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"We can throw big projects at them and they deliver, learning along the way if necessary. - Ruth Schrock, Christian Light Publications


We know you have a business to run, therefore every engagement we have about your project should be fun and quick. We want to create a digital strategy to help your business grow and make your website an amazing tool for communicating and enticing customers. We want you to have the edge over your competition, staying ahead of the curve and in the spotlight. Ultimately, we want to elevate your business to new heights, and put you further in the black.

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Software Firms and Designers

We love partnering with software consulting firms and designers. Either on the front line or behind the scenes. Designers hire us to turn their custom designs into WordPress websites and functional user interfaces. Software consulting firms hire us to build the front-end applications that work with their back-end APIs or to write the CSS for their codebases.

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"Chiedo Labs has proven to be a reliable partner... There have been several occasions where the actual bill was lower than the quoted amount. - Joren van der Pluijm

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We love trying new things and creating work that matters. If you're a forward-thinker, excited about what could be, we want to work with you! Reach out to us for a quote.

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